Couples Resorts

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  • Couples Negril - MainPool

    Couples Negril

    If you want boutique-style living with an eclectic flair, along with seclusion, romance and tranquility, …. …then Couples Negril is for you. Natural, easy-going, and serene atmosphere for the indulgent……yet offers all the fun activities we want to experience. Plus, a private beach with au naturel sunbathing. After sundown, the fun continues with live music, [Read More…]

  • Couples Sans Souci - Private Beach Dining

    Couples Sans Souci

    If you love cliff-side villas and picturesque-views, Romance, Beauty, and Grace,… …then Couples Sans Souci is for you. A rejuvenating wonderland of mineral pools with spa treatments overlooking the sea. This resort is the place to go for tranquility. The sounds of Jamaica are everywhere as strolling musicians create an atmosphere of total relaxation. Explore [Read More…]

  • Couples Swept Away - Pool Restaurant

    Couples Swept Away

    If you want open-air chic restaurants, Caribbean-style cedar décor suites with private verandahs, and a private beach with soft, white sand….. ….then Couples Swept Away is your home away from home. An intimate Old School charm that provides the glamor of a bygone era……yet offers all the modern amenities we can’t live without. At night, [Read More…]

  • Couples Tower Isle - Pool

    Couples Tower Isle

    If you love retro-glamour chic with a splash of Jamaican pizzaz, as well as… …Romance, Flair, and Fun-in-the-Sun, then Couples Tower Isle is what you crave. Since the 1950s, this resort has been the place to go for everyone from Hollywood stars to anniversary couples.  A $40 million dollar renovation transformed this All-Inclusive landmark into [Read More…]