Awards Sarah has won…

Hi Y’all,

Sarah, our sweet Southern Belle, has been selling Karisma Resorts (Azul, El Dorado & Generations) since 2008.

That is all she sells, all day….every day.

And she has won Top Sales Awards since 2008

Here is a picture of her at this year’s awards. She not only won Top Sales but Karisma gave her an $8000 bonus check!

Sarah - Karisma Awards $8k

and this is her (the tall brunette in the center with the short black dress) winning her Top Sales award.

Sarah - Top Sales Lineup

If you go to the Karisma website and search for a GIVC (Gourmet Inclusive Vacation Consultant) here is Sarah’s info. Note the 5 Diamond – The highest award Karisma bestows on an agent.

Sarah - Karisma Website

Here is Karisma’s opinion of Sarah. They were referring a customer with questions to her.

Daniel Ruiz - Groups Manager

Is your trip a special occasion? Honeymoon, Wedding, Anniversary? A family group?

Want a price quote that no one can beat?

Have a question?

I don’t believe there is a question or request that she has not received.

Click on the ‘Ask Me’ tab,

Send her a quote request,

or email her at or call her at 800-838-1830.

And enjoy her smooth Tennessee accent.