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7 Tips for a More Romantic Getaway

We recently conducted a poll of vacationers, and discovered that the top two results most couples were hoping for were:

Big surprise, huh?

But many of our poll-takers admitted that the second was harder to achieve than the first, so we’ve compiled these tips to help you have a more romantic getaway!

Top 7 Tips for a More Romantic Getaway:

  1. Wipe the slate. Reigniting the flames of passion won’t happen if you’re still mad over last week’s argument, so if you’re holding onto old grudges, let them go. Focus instead on what you love most about your partner, and why you are with him or her.
  2. Ditch any body insecurities. Stop worrying about what you look like and embrace your inner sex god (or goddess). Some of the sexiest people in the world are not necessarily the best looking, but they have a positive attitude about their own sex appeal. Emulate them and sing along with Right Said Fred.
  3. Put more than the usual effort into your appearance. Whether you’re enjoying your resort’s most romantic a la carte restaurant or opting for a quiet and intimate meal from room service, consider dressing up like you did when you were first dating — few things are sexier than undressing your partner, and most men LOVE to unzip a woman’s dress, spend a few minutes admiring the sexy lingerie, then toss it aside……whew, I’m getting goosebumps just writing about it!
  4. Schedule some romantic ‘couples’ events during your getaway – such as a Couples Massage (indoors or outdoors as you prefer – some love the sound of the waves, others need more privacy) as sharing a relaxing massage with your sweetie is undoubtedly both relaxing AND romantic; or consider splurging for a private dinner-for-two on the beach – resorts generally go all-in on the romance for beachside dinners, and if the weather doesn’t cooperate at least you’ll go home with a funny story…shared laughter is definitely a strong glue for your intimate bond!
  5. But be sure to have some ‘me’ time as well. It’s cliched but true – absence does make the heart grow fonder, so give yourselves the gift of some serene solitude during your getaway. Use the time to fantasize about your partner, and share your fantasies over that romantic dinner on the beach.
  6. Don’t forget the music! Some resorts now feature iPhone/iPod docking stations, if not bring some small portable travel speakers for your music-filled smartphone. Put on your favorite romantic playlist while enjoying a happy-hour cocktail with your sweetie, or your favorite sexy tunes for the main event.
  7. Leave the kids at home. Hands down, the best way to amp up the romance with your partner during a getaway is to go to an Adults-Only resort. If that’s not an option, then at least make sure you’re going somewhere that has a great kids’ program (with full-day supervised programs and activities) as well as some adults-only areas (pools, swim-up bars, and lounges). Getting romantic is SO much easier when you don’t have to worry about interruptions from the little ones!

SO there you have it – 7 steps for a more romantic getaway guaranteed to rebuild the passion that may have ebbed, we’d love to hear your tips as well!