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Palace Resort Credits Explained

Ok…..Is the Resort Credit $1500, $2500 or just $500?

We get more questions on the Palace Resorts ‘Resort Credits’ program – than on anything else

Here is the Skinny about how it is handled.

To Clarify – it’s Per Room, not Per Person.

– 3 Nights: $500
– 4 Nights: $750
– 5-8 Nights: $1800
– 9-11 Nights: $2000
– 12+ Nights: $2500


The Key Points:

The value of one (1) Resort Credit is the equivalent of $1.00.

See below for what you can do with your Resort Credits.

At checkout – you pay a 16% tax on the value of the Resort Credits that you use. (You can’t use the Resort Credit to pay the tax)

Resort Credit reservations are based on availability. You are not guaranteed anything.

If you use your Resort Credits for ‘Unlimited Golf’ you have to use it all.

If you pay a little extra, you can get your Resort Credits and Unlimited Golf too.

Reservations are required to use your Resort Credits and things fill up fast.

Have patience. The staff making your reservations are very busy. (consider a small tip)

DON’T ‘No Show’. You will be charged the full face value (and pay 16% tax on it)

Resort Credits have no cash value. If you don’t use them, you lose them.


The Good News:

You now get more Resort Credits for a 5-8 Night stay. $300 more.

No limits on how much of the Resort Credits can be used for one thing.

It’s available at all the Palace Resorts properties.


What can you spend your Resort Credits on?

Do this 1st:

Fine Print:


Suggested Tour Options:

– In Punta Cana:

– In Mexico:

The Cancun/Riviera Maya area is known for it’s great historical landmarks.

As you can see, the prices aren’t inflated to suck up all your resort credit. They are listed at what you would normally pay for these tours so you get a good value.


I know there is a lot here to figure out.

Call, or email, me and I will give you some suggestions.

I do this all day long, every day and know how to get you what you want.

Alma and/or Kelly
the Palace Resorts Experts
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