Kelly Severns
Hard Rock Resorts Expert

Kelly Severns
Phone: 1-800-816-7980
Kelly says...
The team at Hard Rock Resorts is so efficient and wonderful about following up on everything so that guests have a worry-free vacation.

Kelly has been a member of our Team since 1996, and has traveled all over Mexico and the Caribbean.

She specializes in the Hard Rock Resorts and the new Unico 20° 87° Resort, focusing on their properties in Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and Punta Cana, and visits them a couple of times each year.

Kelly recommends...

Taking advantage of the resort credits! Some people are put off by the tax on the credits they use, but using them means you can enjoy a lot of activities - spa treatments, tours, and swimming with dolphins - for a small fraction of what they cost.

Awards Kelly has won:
  • Hard Rock Resorts: "Showstopper" (top sales) Worldwide
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What I love most about Kelly is...

her amazing attention to detail....especially when working with groups large or small, there's always so many more moving parts, but Kelly makes sure that every i is dotted and every t is crossed. I wish I had a dozen more Kellys!

~ Trisha Miller, President of Sunset Travel Inc.

What our customers say about Kelly...
  • My husband Rocky and I have used Sunset Travel for 13 years! Yep that's right, 13 years. Why you may ask? Because not one single time have they let us down. Whether it has been travel just for my husband and myself, or travel for my entire family, Alma and Kelly have consistently gone above and beyond for us...That's because with Sunset Travel, you are more than just a customer. They listen to your wants and they make your dream vacation a reality.

    ~ Darla W.

  • Kelly was friendly and worked hard to get us the best pricing on our Mexico vacation. I would use her again!

    ~ Jacqueline M.

  • I just returned from LeBlanc in Cancun and want to thank Alma and Kelly for creating the perfect vacation experience. It was our 10th anniversary and everything had to be perfect. My husband was working long hour and was under incredible stress. I needed a place where he could feel like he was in touch but where he could be in a relaxing environment. It took a couple of days but the atmosphere at LeBlanc was incredibly calming and we had the best time. Everything wsa perfect and it is an anniversary we will always remember. I love you ladies!!

    ~ Tina P.

  • Kelley was so helpful and I will definitely use you in the future, thanks for everything !

    ~ Everald R.