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Packing List


Some people are naturally gifted organizers who never pack too much or too little....then there's the rest of us, who need just a little help in figuring out what to bring and what to leave behind.   Fortunately, we have someone on our staff who is one of those naturally gifted people we all hate....err, I mean envy... and she helped us come up with this basic packing list.  Your Personal Travel Consultant can help tweak this list for the specific itinerary you book through us, so that your list will be perfect just for you!

Don't forget to check our Packing Tips page for even more advice!

In Your Carry On Bag:

HER things to pack (this is enough for a week - adjust for a different duration if needed, and for destination, activities, season):

HIS things to pack (again, adjust for trip duration, destination, activities, season):

For Both of you:

Basic Toiletries (remember - use travel-sized containers whenever possible):

Optional Items: (many hotels provide these, but check to be sure)

Convenient Extras (nice to have, but not necessary):

Very Important - Leave these items with family or close friends before you go:

Don't forget to have a great trip!!