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We've put together a few resources to help you with planning your vacation, destination wedding, or honeymoon....we hope you find them helpful!
Tips for a more romantic getaway

7 Tips for a More Romantic Getaway

We recently conducted a poll of vacationers, and discovered that the top two results most couples were hoping for were: To relax/de-stress; and To reconnect in a romantic way with their partner. Big surprise, huh? But many of our poll-takers admitted that the second wasRead More


8 Tips to help Chill’ax

Feeling frazzled? Ain’t got time for a relaxing soak, sauna or massage when your flight just got cancelled? Switch-off your ‘stress response’ and switch-on your ‘relaxation response’. When you’re about to lose it… try these Easy-Peasy relaxation tactics. … btw, (some of) these are greatRead More


Honeymoon Checklist

A bride-to-be has enough on her mind with all of the details involved in planning her wedding, and generally speaking, tradition has always put the honeymoon planning in the hands of the groom-to-be. But whomever winds up doing the honeymoon planning, it can sometimes beRead More

Island Wedding Requirements

Island Wedding Requirements

Getting married on a tropical beach is the most popular form of Destination Wedding there is…..but before you go, you need to know what the costs, waiting period, and requirements are for your destination. Below is a table of information for the Caribbean islands, butRead More

Packing Wedding Dress

Packing Your Wedding Dress

(some tips provided by, others by our own staff) There are really only two options for getting your wedding dress to your destination – ship it ahead or take it with you. Option 1: Ship Ahead Our recommendation is to have your dress shippedRead More

Sunset Smoothie

Sunset Tropical Smoothie Recipe

Need a Detox? – or maybe a Tox? How about both versions….. This Smoothie will refresh you after a long day of slavin’ –  or after a tough Downward Dog. Grab yourself a blender – and an attitude. …Let’s hook you up…  (the prep timeRead More

Packing Checklist

Travel Tips & Vacation Packing Checklist

Tips: Check your passport ~ Is it valid for 6 months AFTER your RETURN date? Take a picture of your Passport, license and Hotel Confirmation with your phone Let your credit card company know you’re traveling ~ They freak easily these days Check with yourRead More

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Looking for an anniversary gift for your spouse or that special couple in your life? This list of traditional and modern gifts for Wedding Anniversaries includes alternatives in parentheses, but keep in mind that these are just suggestions – the best idea is always toRead More

What If You Have A Problem

What If……? ~ You Have a Problem on Vacation

Solutions to 11 travel problems: Shortly before you travel On the way to the airport At the Airport Check-in desk When you transfer to your hotel At the Hotel Check-in Desk When you arrive at your room If/When you book a local tour If youRead More