Honeymoon Checklist

A bride-to-be has enough on her mind with all of the details involved in planning her wedding, and generally speaking, tradition has always put the honeymoon planning in the hands of the groom-to-be. But whomever winds up doing the honeymoon planning, it can sometimes be stressful, and often it winds up left until the last minute.

It’s never too early to start planning your honeymoon vacation, and working with an Expert at Sunset Travel ensures that no detail will be overlooked. Whether you use our service, or do all the planning yourself, staying organized will help ensure that you enjoy what should be one of the most memorable trips of a lifetime.

Feel free to use this checklist of to-do’s to help you get through this very busy time:

6 – 12 months prior:

  • Discuss your honeymoon ideas with your fiancĂ©. Be sure to talk about your budget, where you might like to go, and what activities you might like to do – anything from sightseeing to sports to spa visits.
  • Discuss which honeymoon locations you can consider that will accommodate not only your budget, but what you both want, even if you want different things.
  • Now is also a good time to begin working with a Personal Travel Concierge at Sunset Travel, who is experienced and can help you choose the ideal honeymoon location based on your budget, needs, and desires.
  • Also, if you don’t have a passport or need to renew your current one, now is the time to do it. Don’t wait until the last minute, as it can sometimes take more than six weeks to get a new or renewed passport, unless you pay extra expedite fees.

3 – 4 months prior:

  • Confirm your Honeymoon reservations and send in any required deposits.
  • Consider sending out “Save The Date” cards to those you intend to invite to your wedding – also, your out-of-town guest may appreciate knowing that if they book their travel arrangements through Sunset Travel, they can save money and take advantage of our convenient monthly payment plans.
  • If you’re using our Honeymoon Registry, begin notifying your guests that they can contribute to your Honeymoon as a wedding gift (we can provide you with complimentary cards to mail, or to slip inside your “Save The Date” cards or wedding invitations).
  • Start thinking about your packing list (clothes, items necessary to the climate to where you’re going), and find out what travel documents will be necessary, etc. For suggestions on packing tips, check out our Packing List and our Packing & Travel Tips.
  • If you’re going to another country, be sure to:
    • Check with your bank to ensure that your ATM card will work if you plan to use it to withdraw cash while you’re traveling. Ask if there are any fees and request a list of ATM’s at your honeymoon destination.
    • Find out if US credit cards are commonly accepted where you’re going.
    • Ask your cellular company if you can use your cell phone abroad, what the fees are, what the access codes are, and if you will need to rent a different phone altogether.

2 months prior:

  • Get written (faxed) confirmation numbers for hotels, car rentals and airlines tickets.
  • Many honeymoon destinations require final payments 30 – 60 days ahead of arrival – be sure these are done and that you get confirmation of payments made.

1 month prior:

  • Make sure you have the luggage you’ll need, and the camera you’ll want to take.
  • Photocopy itinerary, travel documents (tickets, passport), and leave copies with friends or family at home. Take one set of photocopies with you and keep these separate from your purse, then store them in the hotel room safe.
  • Arrange for someone to care for pets, garden, plants and other responsibilities while you are gone.

1 week prior:

  • Start packing. Now is the time to make sure that everything will fit in your luggage and what you need to adjust in your packing. Don’t wait until your wedding night, when you’ll be exhausted.
  • Many resorts have dress codes for their restaurants – be sure you know what those are, and check to see if they’ll have any events or “theme” nights – this will help you decide what to pack and to create your packing list.
  • Don’t forget to try on each outfit you’ll be taking – weddings can be stressful and many brides either gain or lose weight, so you’ll want to be sure everything still fits! This also gives you a chance to choose accessories for each outfit.
  • If you’re considering sending your luggage ahead, call to make or re-confirm those arrangements.
  • If you’re spending your wedding night at a hotel, arrange for someone to pick up your wedding clothes from your hotel, and return your groom’s tuxedo if it was rented, so that you can just leave for your honeymoon.
  • If you are having a destination wedding, see “How To Pack Your Wedding Dress”.
  • Purchase your traveler’s checks and get your travel cash.
  • Check your camera and be sure it has a fully charged battery – don’t forget to get extra batteries and memory cards.
  • Arrange to have your newspaper delivery stopped the day you leave and started the day you return.
  • Important tip – if you shop online or by catalog, be sure that deliveries won’t arrive while you’re gone, or arrange to have them delivered to a friend or family member.

Day of Departure:

  • Double-check to make sure you have all your tickets, passport, drivers license, currency, lots of one dollar bills for tipping, and re-confirm your flight departure status one last time before you leave. Allow plenty of extra time for security check-in procedures (at least 90 minutes), due to all the new regulations.
  • Don’t forget your driver’s license! If you’re planning to drive in a different country, you will need it to apply for a temporary international driver’s license.

We hope you’ll find this checklist helpful, and remember – our Experts are here to help too, and can handle many of the details for you at no charge – so you’ll have less to stress about!

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