Azulitos Kids Club at Azul Sensatori

Why wait for a relaxing vacation until your kids are older?

Azul Resorts knows that you want a safe, fun and exciting vacation for you and your family.

Azulitos Kids Club at Azul Sensatori has got you covered.

It starts from the moment you arrive with a customized check-in.  Not only do you get your welcome glass of champagne, but the kids get a welcome smoothie or milkshake with an activity book filled with fun things about the hotel as well as a toy lending menu for some fun things to play with.

Of course the rooms in the family section are kid friendly with the parents in mind.

With separate areas for sleeping–some even with a fun loft area–allow for quiet areas for naps and bedtime, and private moments for you parents.

But the best part is the Azulitos Kids Club by Fisher Price that features a Splash Water Park and a playhouse with a daily activity schedule for children as young as 4 years, and plenty of amusements and activities for even younger tots, with parental supervision (so no need to lug along a suitcase of toys!).

So, yes you can indulge in that sky massage during his golf game and know that the kids are smiling and laughing, in a safe, fun environment.

You can use them as little or as much as you wish, and you can even participate in some of the activities with the Morning Mommy and Me bonding.

The older ones will enjoy great arts and crafts, games, and learning experiences.

The club is open daily from 9:00am – 5:00pm and again from 7:30pm – to 9:30pm. 

Let this be the best vacation of your lives and know that you can have your me moments while you kids have a great time at Azul Sensatori.

Call Sarah at 800-838-1830 so I can share a very low price with you!