Clothing Optional

Clothing Optional

Often when people hear about resorts that are “au naturel” or “clothing optional” they immediately think of wild parties with super-model-esque participants.

This is rarely true.

At the Clothing Optional All Inclusive Resorts that we focus on, what you’ll find is very normal (and normal-looking) people. They enjoy the same things that all vacationers enjoy — relaxing on the beach, swimming or snorkeling in the ocean, playing volleyball in the sand or pool, eating gourmet cuisine, and making new friends. They just enjoy doing all of that without clothing on.

In fact, many clothing optional resorts discourage open (public) inappropriate behavior — it’s about body acceptance and having a healthy self-esteem.

We feature 4-star and 5-star all-inclusive clothing-optional resorts where you can go to enjoy a vacation, just like anyone else, and do so without clothing. All feature private beaches and/or pools where you won’t have to worry about gawkers. You can rest assured that the staff at the clothing-optional resorts we feature are discreet and respectful, and well trained in ensuring your comfort.

Deb McCormick

Deb McCormick
Couples Resorts & Au Natural Resorts Expert


Deb has been in the Travel industry since 1983, including several years working in the hotel/hospitality field, so she knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the Check In desk!

She specializes in Couples Resorts and Hedonism in Jamaica, as well as Desire Resorts, Temptations Resorts, and Hidden Beach Resort, all located in Mexico.

And since 2006 Deb has been a Couples Resorts Platinum Level Agent and a SuperClubs’ Diamond Level Agent!

Deb McCormick is our resident Expert on au naturel resorts, and in her many years of specializing in clothing optional vacations, she’s seen (and heard) it all….so if you’ve never tried a clothing-optional or au naturel resort, and have questions, just Ask Us!

It’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom and equanimity you’ll experience once the artifice and barrier of clothing and accoutrement is removed. Nothing inspires romance more than spending a lazy afternoon in the pool or on the beach with your loved one, sans clothing.

And look, ma, no tan lines! :-)