Beckie Johnson
Chief Happiness Officer

Beckie Johnson
Phone: 1-800-939-1425, ext. 709

Beckie began her career in the travel industry at a very young age, helping out in her parent’s agency after school starting from the day she turned 16.

Her duties at Sunset Travel include ensuring that our customers are happy and have all their travel needs met. She loves communicating with them, and to that end she also manages our social media engagement.

Beckie tells us nearly every day, “I love my job!”. We love having her on our team.

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What I love most about Beckie is...

her genuine happiness and tireless dedication to our customers.....never a clock-watcher, Beckie's usually the first one at the office in the mornings and the last one to leave. We couldn't do without her smile lighting the way!

~ Trisha Miller, President of Sunset Travel Inc.