Lisa Fitzgerald
Iberostar Resorts Expert

Lisa Fitzgerald
Phone: 1-800-619-9820

Lisa comes to us with over 20 years of full service travel experience. She earned her certification as a Certified Travel Associate with The Travel Institute and has traveled extensively in the Caribbean and Europe. Her husband’s 20 year military career kept her on the move to many interesting places which she always considered a constant opportunity for continuing travel education!

Lisa specializes in the Iberostar Resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.

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What I love most about Lisa is...

that she's adorably spacey....wait, what?? Just kidding ....sort of..... Lisa comes armed with an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that her customers benefit from, even if she does keep us laughing at her occasional 'blonde' antics!

~ Trisha Miller, President of Sunset Travel Inc.