The Pre-Arrival Form at Generations Riviera Maya

It’s my fault.

Before I packed my bags for Generations Riviera Maya I shared my personal information and preferences via a pre-arrival form online.   I got what I deserved.

The best time ever!

The pre-arrival form lets you identify any food allergies, special diet requirements, specify your preferred meals and name your most wanted beverages.   They even want to know your favorite dessert.

And a choice of pillows at bedtime?

Check this out.   A pillow menu that includes a choice of:  Memory Foam, Le Plume Gel, Smart, Pillow Firm, and Relax.   What’s all this exotic pillow talk?

Memory Foam pillows respond to your weight and temperature.  Le Plume is a synthetic genuine feather sensation head ride that is odor and allergy free.  The Gel pillow is a dream bracer filled with super soft fibers stuffed inside a 100% fiber cotton cover.

The Relax is a pillow with herbs and seeds.  It’s like a comfy all night aromatherapy treatment.  And there’s more.

You can choose from 5 aromatherapy scents for your suite.   They are called Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Sensual.   Which one do you think is a mix of cinnamon, orange, myrrh, incense and clove?

Check the online form for the answer.  Also check off your preferred linen scent.   Chamomile, Lavender-Vanilla, Eucalyptus are standard but you can also ask for something special for each of your rooms.

I don’t think chocolate and champagne are scent choices … but what the heck?

Before you close out the form you can ask for spa information prior to arrival.   That includes the Kids Spa menu, Salon services, Wedding rituals, Massages, Facials, and all other treatments.   Treat yourself right and they will treat you even better.

The pre-arrival form is where you tell the resort about any special celebration.   Are you singing someone “Happy Birthday”, celebrating another Anniversary, or occasion?   Share your ideas.

The staff at Generations Riviera Maya will put the “special” in front of your occasion.