Why I Could Not Stop Smiling at Generations Riviera Maya

You couldn’t pry the grin off my face with a crowbar.

It started with my agreeing go out on one of those little sailboats.  I turned it over just off the shoreline at the Generations Riviera Maya.

I was completely embarrassed but I quickly flipped it over, jumped back on and was more careful.  If you get a chance, you should try it!

Water sports are free and fun at the resort.  

Personal sailboats, paddle boards, snorkeling, kayaks, and windsurfing are all popular choices.   I can also testify to the almost therapeutic quality of just floating around with a loved one.   The sun, the air, the Caribbean breeze.

Do it with a partner.

It’s pretty easy to fall asleep.  The gentle water has been compared to a lullaby.   Besides you don’t want to miss out on the other ways to spend your day.

The fitness center is decked out with quality gear, the hot tub is a must, and the sauna whispers “relax” from start to finish.   Or you can trade your beach bed for poolside lounger.

The personal service at Generations Riviera Maya truly sets the standard for all-inclusive luxury resort standards.   The attention is both professional and flattering.

There is service at the beach for drinks, snacks, and anything else you can dream up.   There is service you never dreamed possible at the pool.   I felt like a visiting Princess.

The beach and pool butler service is just awesome.

If you are too tired from all the fun to go out at night, order an in-room gourmet supper and relax.