Is Trip Insurance Necessary?

This is a tough call….It’s one of those expenses that, if you need it, you will be so relieved to have it, and if you don’t you’ll feel like it is a waste of money.

After years of helping people get home from a vacation ruined by storms, accidents, or medical emergencies, I now suggest that you consider at least some form of Trip Insurance to protect your vacation investment.

We have plans that meet most everyone’s needs or budget. Ask us which plan will be best for you.

**Note..…The part of trip insurance you want to pay attention to is the medical and transport coverage. If you get very sick, or bump or break something, it is VERY expensive to get you home or to a stateside hospital, and your normal medical/health insurance is unlikely to cover you.

The best insurance you can buy is CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason).

As long as you let us know before your plane departs, you get 100% of your money back, including your airfare – minus the cost of the insurance (About $198).

And if you have to be treated or sent home, you are covered.

**Another Note…..We are talking about insurance, so read the fine print. We are not insurance agents. We make nothing on selling insurance. We just think you are crazy to put yourself (or your $3000 vacation) at risk to save $198. We buy it every time we travel. But it’s your call.