Who do we check to Find the Lowest Prices?

Check these websites below….. We do, and so should you. Or….. Just give me 30 seconds Click Here for a Price…….and my team will check for you.  For free! For Airfare Google Flights Hipmunk Kayak Charter flights & Risk Space Each airline that flies from [Read More…]

Passport & Travel Requirements


Please, Please, Please be sure to check your passport. Nothing is more deflating than to arrive at the airport and be turned away for not having a valid passport**. It DOES happen. **And it must be valid for 6 months after your return date.** Just [Read More…]

Airline Baggage Fees

Baggage Tips

Baggage fees are not included in your quote….please check with your airline for their current Baggage Policies and Fees. Baggage fees are typically cheapest if you pay them when you use the airline’s online Check-In process 24 hours before you fly. If you’re not tech [Read More…]

Is Trip Insurance Necessary?

This is a tough call….It’s one of those expenses that, if you need it, you will be so relieved to have it, and if you don’t you’ll feel like it is a waste of money. After years of helping people get home from a vacation [Read More…]

What if the price goes down?

There are 2 prices that can change. The Resort price and the Airfare. If the resort price goes down, let us know and as long as your room type is available you are all set….we can cancel and rebook it for you at the lower [Read More…]

How can our prices be so….so…..low?

Simple. We buy in bulk. Just like Costco or Sam’s Club. Because we buy in bulk, we get cheaper prices, – which we pass on to you. It is an upward spiral. Our prices are low, so more people buy, so we sell more, which [Read More…]