What if the price goes down?

There are 2 prices that can change. The Resort price and the Airfare.

If the resort price goes down, let us know and as long as your room type is available you are all set….we can cancel and rebook it for you at the lower price.
**Many times a resort will offer a big discount but it will be in the more expensive categories. So read each deal carefully, – we do.
If we can’t match a discount (which hasn’t happened yet) we would refund the hotel portion of your package so you can buy that cheaper elsewhere.

Airfare is a different animal. Once you purchase your air, you own it, regardless of who you purchase it from….this is the airlines rules, not ours. Unless you purchased a fully-refundable ticket (which most people never do because it’s more expensive)or buy Cancel for Any Reason trip insurance, there is no refund, BUT if you cancel your flight before it departs, the airlines will give you a ‘credit’ equal to what you paid, which you can use any time up to 12 months following the original date.

BUT there is still a catch – while you can use it at a later date, you will have to pay a $100-$200 ‘change’ fee and any difference in the price (which in most cases is higher). The only exception is Southwest Airlines, at this time they do not charge a “change” fee, just the difference in airfare if any.

I have nothing against the airlines. They are great partners. BUT, they have very rigid rules. So don’t expect them to bend much, if at all.